Idea Overload

I've heard of writers block (or creative block) before, a lack of inspiration leading people to go weeks, months even years without creative a thing. What happens if you have the opposite? So many ideas that there just aren't enough hours in the day?

I'll tell you - Your brain begins to feel as though there is a thick layer of cotton wool encasing it, not allowing you to sensibly put these ideas in to practice whilst still keeping them swimming around upstairs. You sit on your floor surrounded by yarn and buttons and fabric and knit for the sake of knitting and a purse becomes a villain cape for your sock monkey. And you use lots of ands in sentences.

This is kinda where I am. I need to just keep making until I find my niche. This weekend I'm going to try my hand at making knitting needle bracelets, thanks to some friends, and I'm going to make some handbags with all the oodles of material that was donated to me by somebody last week. Exciting.

Hubert - My First Sale

Last night Monster Makes officially went live.

I listed all 8 modest items on my shop, refreshed a few times (to check view counts of course) and then went to bed.

Overnight I have already made a sale, the wonderful Hubert The Love Monster, who was only created yesterday whilst having an 80's movie-fest. What a better way to come to life but with St. Elmo's Fire, Mannequin and Pretty in Pink (can you spot the link?).

Farewell Hubert and thank you shopper. May you have a wild and crazy life together.