Some Thoughts: Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

Everyone is so outraged about Lady Gaga's meat dress but most of these people are still eating meat. What's the moral difference?

I've already had the 'but it's wasteful to wear it' argument and to be honest I'd rather be binned than crapped out!

And why is ok for us to wear the outside of an animal but not the inside? Why do people try to differentiate between different types of animal use being better/worse? As long as we keep making these distinctions we'll be missing the point - all use is abuse, it's just that some use has been made socially acceptable due to years of money spinning advertising and some is not, because it's Lady Gaga wearing cured meat to an awards show.

Indoor Cats: An Opinion

"According to the Humane Society of the United States, the average life span of a healthy indoor cat is now 15-18 years. The life extension from former years is due in part to advances in veteninary medicine but primarily to the growing trend of keeping cats strictly indoors, confined to fenced-in areas or on a leash."
One of the most beautiful things about domesticated cats is that they have so much independence, in spite of all manner of human breeding and intervention. I understand wanting to keep cats safe after dark but I do not agree with keeping cats strictly indoors and the idea of walking a cat on a leash is absurd, unless it's to get the cat used to an area or if the cat requires supervision (e.g. if injured).

Every healthy cat should have a choice. The decision to go out or not should be theirs, not ours. If we make the choice for them it certainly shouldn't be tainted by the fear that they won't live as long. If you're scared for their safety, use a leash for a while and get them street wise. Ultimately, quality of life is the most important thing and to keep a cat inside against their will for no reason but your own is inherently wrong.