Inspirational Ideas

Some people out there have pretty marvellous brains and, in short, I am in awe of them. Two things I have recently stumbled across in the land of knitting have left me thinking, 'shit, I wish I'd thought of that'.

First off we have The Knit Kit.

It's a fabulous little oval-shaped doo-dah (actual technical term) that has a crochet hook, stitch counter and thread cutter around the outside and scissors, stitch markers and point protectors inside. What's more is it slips handily into your bag and is safe to carry on planes. It's awesome. Sadly the only thing it doesn't have (which would probably make it less safe for air travel) is a darning needle. I'm sure there are plenty of knitting and crocheting terrorists out there that would love nothing more than to hold up a plane with an unusually large needle. In the eye, I say, in the eye.

The second thing I discovered today is not a doo-dah but a marketing idea so brilliant that I would probably sell my Nan in order to go back in time and steal it for my own. Though time travel is apparently impossible (pffft, tell that to Doc Brown) the idea of selling my Nan is even more impossible - she's The Evil Genius™ and would certainly see it coming a mile off. I digress. The site I am talking about is Net Granny.

Net Granny allows you to have a pair of socks custom knit for you and you choose the biddy to make them! It's all kinds of aces and I wish it was my frigging idea. This is my personal biddy choice; she clearly has excellent fashion choice and looks like she has done her fair share of partying. Yeah, she earned her perma-gurn.

On a final note, to those of you (ok, so that one of you) who have been checking my blog a little too often, I have your IP address, I know who you are and I think it's weird.

Sayonara stalkers!


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