99 Days To Go

Scarily there are only 99 days to go before I leave my job, and maybe only a few more left after that until I fly to India again. I'm crapping myself (to put it eloquently).

To ease my fears I've decided that I will do one thing a day, no matter how big or small, that will help me on my journey and today I'm going to pick up a provisional driving license form.

I've never driven any vehicle in my life, but to get around in India, I need a scooter so I'm biting the bullet, getting a provisional license and getting a few lessons. It goes against all of my environmental ideals but I figure I'm going to be saving animals so the Bad Kelly/Good Kelly ratio should balance itself out (<-rubbish theory to make me feel better).

I particularly love how the women passengers side-saddle the scooters. Sigh... 99 days to go.


Anonymous said...

They sit side saddle so as not to burn their ankles on the exhaust pipe.

Quite clever really

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