The Skin-Clear Challenge

Rather unfortunately, I suffer from inflammatory acne.

The condition is painful and causes long term spots (which are more like nodules deep under the skin) but, more than anything, it is extremely detrimental to the self-esteem of anyone who suffers from it. In comparison to many, my condition is minor (and I truly feel for those people who have it bad) however I am ready to take some pretty drastic action to regain my confidence.

Recently, I have noticed what could be a possible link between my diet and the health of my skin, especially when it comes to processed foods. The more bread I eat, the worse my inflammatory acne seems to get. Rather stupidly, last week I ate some kind of bread every day and my skin is worse than it's ever been (mmmmm, delicious self-destructive tendencies) and so, I have decided to test a change in my diet.

The Skin-Clear Challenge

For the next two weeks I will be following a similar programme to Happy Herbivore's 30 Whole Days. I'm going to cut out as many processed and crappy foods as is possible and make sure the majority of my food looks like it did when it came out of the ground or from the tree or wherever. I will allow myself some luxuries, such as soy milk (because a girl's gotta have her Masala Chai) or dark chocolate and I may very occasionally treat myself to bread so long as I know it is free from preservatives and any other nasties.

My, what a sexy still of my face.

So, what the hell are you going to eat?

Here's an example of what I might eat on a typical day; in fact this is what I've put in my face today (so far!)

1 Banana
Nuts, raisins and sultanas

3 squares of dark chocolate

1/4 cucumber
1/2 tin black beans
Homemade guacamole

Garlic brown rice
Steamed courgettes, sweetcorn and broad beans.

2 ltrs water
3 cups of chai

See, not so scary huh? All quick, easy, delicious and readily available. Wish me luck and hopefully I can report back in a day or two or three with some positive results.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your healthy eating! I had acne from about 14 until I was im my late twenties, so I can sympathise, It seriously affected my self-esteem. The good news is that it seems to have burned itself out as I've got older (although I still get the odd corking spot). Look forward to seeing how you get on!

Lauren said...

Adam says you'll fart a lot. I say your skin will thank you for it, as will the rest of your body. Good luck Miss Monster!

P.S Black masala chai is gorgeous! A squirt of agave and you're set.

chesh said...

good luck lovely I hope it helps :) you know you are one foxy chick whatever but I'm sure this will be good for making you feel even saucier! I'm all about fenugreek at the moment and it's really helping my asthma but apparently it's good for skin inflammations too :) hugs xxx

Lex Rigby said...

Good on you Kelly! Will hopefully be seeing your improvements on here later in the week. After the food you ate yesterday though I'm surprised you're not starving! Good luck.

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