The Hunt for Vegan Yarn

I knit. I am vegan. I'm sure I don't need to highlight the apparent problems this can cause, what with wool being from an animal and all.

Before becoming vegan I will admit that all of my faves were wool blends and, I am also human and unsaintly enough to admit that though I am vegan, I miss them. Even so, this pitiful pining for wool isn't enough to make me turn my back and I have come to find a whole host of beautiful yarns that, although not exactly the same, offer new and exciting creative opportunities for me.

Initially, I though that cheap acrylics were my only hope but with some perserverance along with some support from my LYS I am discovering I can knit with some equally, if not more beautiful yarns.

Right now I am knitting with Rowan Bamboo Soft and I cannot believe how gorgeously soft it is. I would kick my boyfriend out of bed for it if it knew how to spoon. Though a much slower knit than the Rowan Spray I was obsessed with before, it's softer and appears to be a much higher class of yarn - huzzah!

The project I'm working on is Dazzle, a freaking lush tank top from Rowan Studio Issue 16 and, when finished, will be my first EVER garment.

Look me up on Ravelry
if you're there and you can see how far I have come in my 18 month knitting journey. It's quite a treat.


drrn. said...

I've never understood the vegan aversion to wool. It comes from an animal, but the animal isn't harmed or exploited in the process of getting it. In fact, if sheep aren't sheared their wool eventually grows back into their skin, they get septic shock, and die. They're too fully domesticated to live on their own. Just food for thought.

Kelly Monster said...

See this link:

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