Facebook Sell Out to McDonald's

So it seems that Facebook has totally sold out to MacDonald's. Every time I look at my home page on Facebook, I see a McDonald's advert on the right, telling me that Chicken McNuggets rule or McFlurry is the coolest. Any semi-intelligent person, let alone animal rights advocate, knows that this is not the case. The only good thing to ever come out of McDonald's is Ronald, and that's just because he's creepy and makes small children cry.

I have told Facebook (by using the handy little x in the top right of the advert)that I find these adverts offensive and that I think they are sell-outs but they keep appearing. Either the Facebook ad-bot isn't so smart or they don't give a shit whether I like it or not because they're quids in (or rather, dollars in).

If you are getting the same thing (and I suspect you are), you can also make your thoughts known to Facebook by using the magic little x on the advert. If you select 'Other' as a reason, you can even add your own comments.

Happy McBitching!


nina said...

I actually haven't seen this advert. I think the adverts are generated by what you write on your page, I know you are a foodie so perhaps that's what is flagging up the advert (although, I don't know how McD can call itself food). I write about studying a lot & I get lots of adverts for online courses & my husband gets adverts for computer-related thingies (he's a techie).

but I will keep an eye out for the offending filth.

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