Nick Griffin on Question Time: Some Thoughts

This lunchtime I watched 20 minutes of Nick Griffin on last nights Question Time and 20 minutes was about all I could manage.

Surprisingly, I was not only disgusted with Nick Griffin but also the way he was being treated. I in no way support the BNP or agree with their fundamental values however I found the set up of the programme unfair and uncomfortable.

The show focused on both audience and panel members attacking Nick Griffin's statements and actions throughout his history with the BNP whereas I feel that it would have benefited more from having a more regular format. Nick Griffin has consistently proven himself to be a fascist and a bigot and given the chance to discuss his thoughts more openly last night, rather than defending himself, I think he would have once again showed his true colours. Sadly, I feel those colours were muted last night.

I also feel that those asking the questions came off almost as badly as Griffin did and am worried that some who saw the show may feel so sorry for him that they are compelled to show their political support in future. I understand that the subject of the BNP is an emotional one for many, however instead of everybody jumping up ready to make a fool of Griffin, they may have been better served by letting him do that himself.

As somebody commented on Radio 4 this morning, here's hoping that those who may potentially sympathise with Griffin on a political level are more interested in watching X Factor than Question Time.

I'll leave you with this:


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