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Trains, planes and automobiles! Add coaches to that too. And park benches, the staff room, a café, my desks at work and at home. I’ll knit and crochet pretty much anywhere. In short, I’m an exhibitionist.

So many people still think that knitting is something your grandma does and I think that showing off your skills in public is a fab way to throw two fingers (and two needles *chortle*) up to that stereotype.

I recently sat outside a café in Oxford, drinking a soy chai latte and knitting and I could feel people’s eyes on me. I certainly don’t look like a grandma and I love to imagine what people might be thinking about me.

That said, there was a time when I did dress up as a grandma and I did take my knitting out with me. So much for breaking those stereotypes, huh?!

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WorstedKnitt said...

I just hate stereotypes! Most often when I knit in public I'm asked am I making a sock or a pullover. And I'm usually making something way different!

Kelly Monster said...

I know! I am currently knitting up a storm with loads of little wrist cuffs, they're so ace and colourful (if I do say so myself!)

Liz in Ypsilanti said...

Of course, my gray hair is for real, but I've been crafting in public most of my life. Who cares about the stereotypes? I always feel sorry for people who end up watching television in public places because they didn't bring a book or some needlework with them.

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