A New Skill: knitcroblo4

So today, on day 4 of Knit and Crochet Blog Week (knitcroblo4) is about a new skill I'd like to acquire. An underlying theme that I have noticed this week during my posts has been that of patience, which isn't necessarily a skill but is it is something that can be learned?

My little inner hippy says yes, it can be. From past experiences, some very recent, I have realised that great personal change is possible if you want it, and patience is something I am aspiring to relentlessly, day in and day out, at work, at home, at play and with the ever chatty (read noisy mofo) Tony Cat.

Patience requires forethought, a calm and rational mind and very importantly, remembering just to breathe. It means not throwing your needles across a room or swearing yourself in to oblivion and taking a moment to think things through and realise that no matter how much we may love it, it is only knitting after all (yes, I just said, it's only knitting. GASP!). A stressed mind will achieve nothing.

As my patience continues to grow I may eventually embark on larger*, more challenging projects; I may try once again to chart read (below), to make myself that tank top (above), or a cardigan. But then again, I may just continue to knit and crochet poos.

*I am actually in the process of crocheting a ginormous continuous granny square blanket which currently measures around 5.5 feet squared. It's my largest ever project and I love it.


noji said...

Great blog.... but really I just wanted to avoid the inevitable question for the 4th day in a row...

Giselle said...

Hi, I found that I can be way more patient than I ever thought. When you actively decide then sometimes something "lets go" and the impatience doesn't seem to be sitting in your neck so much, driving you on. If that makes any sense.
You can also be very patient when you are enjoying the process of making something (like a huge granny square!) and you're not restlessly waiting for the finished result.
Maybe you'll surprise yourself!

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