Farewell #HH30

This weekend I decided that I could no longer strictly follow the HH30 challenge. I've been tired and I started getting headaches every morning, and feeling run down during the day. This cannot be attributed solely to my diet but may have been a combination of HH30 and the intense running programme I am currently following. My diet was just not varied enough, I didn't have time to plan so as to ensure I was getting all the nutrients I needed to run so much.
But, I don't want to look at this as a failure, because it is by no means one. In spite of leaving the challenge early I think it is possible to live on whole foods alone, one just has to plan in advance and have the time to be creative. Also I have learnt so much, both positive and negative.

  • I don't need to smother my food with sugar or salt to make it taste good
  • Simple, steamed vegetables are an amazing snack/meal
  • Black bean brownies are amazing!
  • Quinoa = win (actually, I knew that before, but I just want to reiterate it. If you've never had it, you should)
  • You can drink black masala chai, but sweet, soy-milky masala chai will always be King of Tastebud Land.
  • I LOVE BREAD and I promise, dear beautiful bread, that we will never be apart again. Especially you, Tiger Bread. Omnomnomnom.
So, I'd like to wish my fellow HH30ers the best of luck in their final days and would like to thank Happy Herbivore for arranging the challenge and opening my eyes to a more simple way of eating.


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