The Sweet Tooth vs #HH30

Day 4 of the #HH30 Whole Days Challenge and I'm feeling less hungry.

I now have porridge in my life and have discovered an ingenious way of sweetening it - with a mashed banana! Yes, yes, I'm behind with the times and you've all probably been doing this for years but I am a sugar junkie. It had never occurred to me that I could actually sweeten my breakfast cereal in a healthy way. Whether I continue to do it after the challenge is over is another story. I do love sugar but luckily I'm not missing it too much because I gave it up for lent this year.

Continuing on the subject of satiating my sweet-tooth, tonight I'll be making Happy Herbivore's deliciously famous Black Bean Brownies for the first time (sans sugar, but there's banana and agave in there). I cannot wait, the recipe is so simple and it's fat free, flour free and vegan. Take a look.

Whilst all is going well on the surface though, I did dream about cheese last night. Daiya cheese to be precise (which I've never tried - come to the UK!). And pizza. And melting bits of cheese in a microwave and eating it.

Repressed much?


Lauren said...

I use sultanas as well as mashed banana to sweeten my porridge.
And please post pics of the brownies! I'm super keen to try them out.

Andrew Gubb said...

Mm.. Daiya. The only vegan cheese on sale in Spain is a brand called "cheesly" made of tofu. I saw Daiya and its list of ingredients and... I wanna go to U.S.A. XD

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