Facebook Sell Out to McDonald's

So it seems that Facebook has totally sold out to MacDonald's. Every time I look at my home page on Facebook, I see a McDonald's advert on the right, telling me that Chicken McNuggets rule or McFlurry is the coolest. Any semi-intelligent person, let alone animal rights advocate, knows that this is not the case. The only good thing to ever come out of McDonald's is Ronald, and that's just because he's creepy and makes small children cry.

I have told Facebook (by using the handy little x in the top right of the advert)that I find these adverts offensive and that I think they are sell-outs but they keep appearing. Either the Facebook ad-bot isn't so smart or they don't give a shit whether I like it or not because they're quids in (or rather, dollars in).

If you are getting the same thing (and I suspect you are), you can also make your thoughts known to Facebook by using the magic little x on the advert. If you select 'Other' as a reason, you can even add your own comments.

Happy McBitching!

Wessex Tales Vegan Restaurant

Last night I went out for a meal with some friends to the only 100% vegan restaurant in town, Wessex Tales. Needless to say it was divine! I've been there before, but not as a vegan and so it was certainly an odd experience to be able to eat everything from the menu. It was even a novelty to be able to smother my salad with dressing without having to check the ingredients!

I had tempura veg with rice and salad for my main and a gorgeous chocolate cake with ice cream for desert.

If you are ever in Bournemouth I would suggest you take a visit. Don't forget my invite!

Nick Griffin on Question Time: Some Thoughts

This lunchtime I watched 20 minutes of Nick Griffin on last nights Question Time and 20 minutes was about all I could manage.

Surprisingly, I was not only disgusted with Nick Griffin but also the way he was being treated. I in no way support the BNP or agree with their fundamental values however I found the set up of the programme unfair and uncomfortable.

The show focused on both audience and panel members attacking Nick Griffin's statements and actions throughout his history with the BNP whereas I feel that it would have benefited more from having a more regular format. Nick Griffin has consistently proven himself to be a fascist and a bigot and given the chance to discuss his thoughts more openly last night, rather than defending himself, I think he would have once again showed his true colours. Sadly, I feel those colours were muted last night.

I also feel that those asking the questions came off almost as badly as Griffin did and am worried that some who saw the show may feel so sorry for him that they are compelled to show their political support in future. I understand that the subject of the BNP is an emotional one for many, however instead of everybody jumping up ready to make a fool of Griffin, they may have been better served by letting him do that himself.

As somebody commented on Radio 4 this morning, here's hoping that those who may potentially sympathise with Griffin on a political level are more interested in watching X Factor than Question Time.

I'll leave you with this:

Discovering Kale Chips: Recipe

Today I discovered the absolute joy of kale chips. I've heard a lot about them on the grapevine (internet) and, as kale is highly nutritious I've been very keen to get my mouth round some, especially as I'm currently under the weather.

I was not disappointed. This simple recipe took 15 minutes from prep to mouth and is totally divine:

  • 3-5 stalks of kale (depending on size)
  • 2 tbsp cider vinegar
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • sea salt
  • Pre-heat the oven to Gas Mark 5 (180 C/ 375 F)
  • Line a baking sheet with baking paper (optional)
  • Tear or cut the leaves from their stalks into large-ish pieces
  • Whisk the oil, cider vinegar and a pinch of sea salt together in a bowl
  • Toss the leaves in the dressing, covering them generously and massaging the curly bits
  • Arrange in a single layer on the baking sheet and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Turn them and cook for a further 5-7 minutes. Be careful not to burn their delicate, crisp edges.
The chips are light and unbelievably moreish - I had to stop myself from making another batch just so that I could have some tomorrow! Thank you to Nourish Me for sharing the beautiful and simple recipe.

So, I have Swine Flu. Luckily being vegan doesn't steal your sense of humour and so I can laugh at the irony of contracting a disease that stems from an industry that I haven't supported for 16 years.

I can't however, quite get round the irony that Tamiflu capsules contain gelatine. I've investigated and I am unable to find out the origins of the gelatine (pig/cow) but either way it's madness. Not only does this rule out taking the medication for vegetarians and vegans but it also raises issues for those with particular religious beliefs.

Governments worldwide have blindly ploughed money into buying unprecedented amounts of these capsules in waves of panic and the ethical and religious beliefs of thousands of people have not even been considered. Powder forms of the drug are available which do not contain any animal products, however here in the UK you only get one drug pick up reference and one prescription and so I doubt that it would be possible for me to pick up an alternative.

Luckily, I am slowly but surely recovering without the aid of of the anti-viral and most people will but if you do get sick and want the drug I would recommend speaking to the people on the pandemic flu hotline and asking about alternatives to the capsule.

For all you Stalkers and Hoes

So, it's Vegan Month of Food (or Vegan Mofo to you hipster types) and to celebrate I've stolen a questionnaire from The Great Vegan Conspiracy that will be of no interest to anyone unless they wish to steal it and talk about themselves (let's be honest, who doesn't).

1. Favorite non-dairy milk?
So Good Sweetened

2. What are the top 3 dishes/recipes you are planning to cook?
Kale chips, black forest gateaux and paella

3. Topping of choice for popcorn?
I don't often eat popcorn. Scold me now, I don't give a damn.

4. Most disastrous recipe/meal failure?
Anytime I consume gin directly after putting something in the oven.

5. Favorite pickled item?
Eggs. No, undoubtedly gherkins. For the record I have never eaten a pickled egg and will happily engage in jovial fisticuffs with anyone who genuinely enjoys them.

6. How do you organize your recipes?
In the blue folder.

7. Compost, trash, or garbage disposal?
Compost. I <3

8. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 foods…what would they be (don’t worry about how you’ll cook them)?
Bran flakes, chickpeas, peanut butter

9. Fondest food memory from your childhood?
The time I accidentally used the dog food spoon to eat my dinner.

10. Favourite vegan ice cream?
Swedish Glace vanilla (thank you Waitrose).

11. Most loved kitchen appliance?
My Joseph Joseph Nest 8 which looks like a psychedelic vagina:

12. Spice/herb you would die without?

13. Cookbook you have owned for the longest time?
Vegetarian Flip Book for Cooks

14. Favorite flavor of jam/jelly?
Caramelised red onion

15. Favorite vegan recipe to serve to an omni friend?
Mock chicken in Hoi Sin with udon noodles and mini spring rolls if they're lucky

16. Seitan, tofu, or tempeh?
Tofu, but only because I have never had the other two.

17. Favorite meal to cook (or time of day to cook)?
Anything Chinese at the moment - my local Asian supermarket is the best for accidentally vegan foods.

18. What is sitting on top of your refrigerator?
A mini grabber like the ones you get in arcades but mine is full of (non-vegan) sweets, and some paperwork. And shit.

19. Name 3 items in your freezer without looking.
Carrot and pearl barley stew.
Mini spring rolls.
Soya mince.

20. What’s on your grocery list?
I don't plan that far ahead.

21. Favorite grocery store?
They all have their perks.

22. Name a recipe you’d love to veganize, but haven’t yet.
Raspberry and white chocolate muffins

23. Food blog you read the most (besides Isa’s because I know you check it everyday). Or maybe the top 3?
I don't have a top one.

24. Favorite vegan candy/chocolate?
Plamil ginger chocolate. Total fucking win.

25. Most extravagant food item purchased lately?
Some fancy ginger and orange cordial - it was in offer in Waitrose.

26. Ingredients you are scared to work with?
I'm not afraid... (You will be)

If anyone can spot the super obvious nerd reference I'll send you a free crochet strawberry keyring. It's 100% vegan!