Circus Animals: Choose Humans!

The world, or maybe just those of us here in the UK, has woken up today to horrifying footage of circus animals being beaten, specifically an elephant.

The video not only shows Anne, the final remaining circus elephant in the UK, being beaten but also horses and llamas too.

Oxford Vegans Circus Demo

For me it's quite a topical issue as on this Friday just passed I was in South Park, Oxford protesting Zippos Circus' use of animals, namely horses and budgies.  
Nessa and I resting our legs in between shows

For the most part we had a really positive response, especially from young people, however one thing that was mentioned a couple of times was (and I quote): "They have animals at this circus? I thought it was only horses." Duh!

On first glance the sentence seems utterly stupid but when it's dissected to get to the root of the meaning it states: "Horses being in captivity is not as bad as a tiger or an elephant being in captivity". No mention was made by the circus-goers of the birds being held captive and their value as individuals, it seemed, was regarded as zilch. A picture of the birds standing on the Ringmaster was used on all the posters around the city.

At present, the public and the government are backing a ban on the use of wild animals used in circuses but I believe a ban on all animals used in circuses is the way forward. No animals, wild or domesticated, deserve such an uprooted existence and all animals are at risk of being mistreated and forced to perform highly unnatural stunts that are of no educational value and teach disrespect for animals (

Unnatural behaviour forced upon horses at Zippos

Choose Humans! 

My final words will be to never forget the awesomeness that lives inside of humans. We have an amazing ability to defy belief and exceed all expectations in performance. If you really want to be blown away, or take your child to something truly magical then head to something such as Cirque du Soleil which will fill you with awe and give your children something positive to aspire to.


agirlinwinter said...

I totally agree. In fact, when I was a child, my mum would never allow me to go to a circus if they used any animals in the show. She's a quiet radical, my mum.

Kelly Monster said...

That's so awesome, your mum sounds ace! I don't remember going to an animal circus but I do remember going to see some dressage show in Spain with my family when I was 17 and I walked out. It was just too weird for me to handle.

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