A Positive Lent

Every now and then I get down (like, really down) but I have this ability to pick myself up again and carry on like an 18 year old boy in the bedroom.

I had a flash of inspiration as I was coming back from Waitrose (yes, I'm shopping at Waitrose now. Lah-di-dah) as I was thinking of Lent. Lent is always about giving something up, about penance basically, but what if you could turn the idea on it's head and make it more positive? What if you could inject positivity into your life every day throughout lent, by trying something new, challenging yourself or helping others? Surely the benefits of this would massively outweigh giving up sugar (as I had intended to do) or bread (which had also crossed my mind).

So, with this idea (which I'm sure isn't new, but it's new to me) I'm having a positive lent. It's not strict (really, I can't be strict when the fairies so often take me away) and I'm not going to write myself a rota of all the awesome things I need to do every day. I'm just going to keep a positive frame of mind.

Amongst the things I hope to achieve this lent include:

  • More crafting. I've been lazy, it's fun and it's time to step it up
  • Getting out of my comfort zone in the kitchen and going even more wild. This starts tonight with a walnut and oyster mushroom pie. Oh my noms...
  • Job hunting. Must keep going. Must not be put off by the discrimination I have recently faced.
  • More exercise. Yoga. Running. Kissing. That kinda thing ;)
  • Smiling. It's no secret that the power of a smile is beyond comprehension. You can smile at someone, they'll smile back, then smile at someone else and before you know it, the world is infected with beautiful smiles!
So feel free to join me. Why give up anything when you can gain so much more?!

If you do decide to join me, I have created this gaudy looking desktop so every time you turn on your computer you're reminded to be positive (if you're not sick just from looking at it)



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