Where Are They Now? - 2KCBWDAY4

I have fond memories of making the project that is the subject of today's blog (2KCBWDAY4), in which I'll be talking about an old project that has gone to new pastures. It's a neckwarmer I made for a friend of mine and is based on the popular Manly Lace Scarf pattern.

I'd used the pattern already once before and it's great. Challenging enough to keep you interested and easy enough to remember the pattern a few repeats in. One thing I had hated about it though, was that it just took toooo long and making a full length scarf was out of the question for Little Miss Zero Attention Span here. Lucky for me, I'm inventive and so I stopped as soon as it was at the length of a neckwarmer, added some buttons and used the lace as button holes.

This friend had seen my original version and liked it but wanted a chunkier, more manly version with a vintage feel (or maybe his girlfriend did, I'm not sure... ;) ) and this was the final product, using bulky yarn, 6.5mm needles and vintage New York military buttons from Etsy.

I remember being on the train to Bristol knitting this project and getting a comment from an older lady who was really impressed with it. It's nice to get random compliments from strangers.

So, where is it now?

I got in touch with Chris and he still has the neckwarmer! I'm impressed that it still looks so great and, more importantly, how great it looks on him! I'd sent it in the post originally so this is the first time I've ever seen it on him.

Shameless plug: If any of you want to see or hear more of the lovely Chris he's in a band called An Axe, who have been described as a blistering Surf Noir Rock band. Find them on Myspace, on Twitter or at a venue near you.

See you tomorrow for a blog about something completely different!!


agirlinwinter said...

Great to see your FO being worn - looks great on the recipient :-)

Kelly Monster said...

Thanks, I really love this item. So glad to see it so handsomely worn!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Nice cowl. Am going over to Ravelry to put it in my queue.

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