A Positive Lent: Week 2 Update

Hello me hearties and welcome again to an update on how my Positive Lent is impacting my daily life!

Things are going well and I think I owe a lot of it to the simple weekly planner I made, as featured in my last blog. Exercising regularly has been the main thing that's keeping this lent positive for me. I notice that the more I do, the happier I feel. I just need to make sure I rest sufficiently in between (especially between runs) so I don't screw myself up. I'm dying to go running today but instead I'm doing yoga at home with the help of the YogaToday podcast (which you can subscribe to via iTunes).

I've been baking a little less because I was the one also doing most of the eating. I was getting paranoid about my weight so I've been putting more effort into vegan advocacy and continually educating myself on vegan principles and figuring out where mine lie (yep, 2 years on and I'm still growing and pondering on the vegan lifestyle.)

I think it's safe to say that my principles are firmly rooted in practicing Ahimsa in my daily life. Ahimsa means to do no harm and I try to use this every day, not only by not consuming animal products but in how I treat others. Being nicer to people is much harder than it is to be nice to animals but I work on it every day and continue to grow.

On the subject of non-violence I found this article today which has one of the greatest comments of all time. A must read:


Also, for those of you who are wondering where vegans get their nutrients from I found a nice song/video to inform you and debunk those silly myths! In addition, it could be really helpful for vegans who are tired of answering those questions (which I think is probably the vast majority of us - sorry non-vegans!).

Hopefully everyone wil have left this blog a little more informed today. I hope you all continue to have a happy and positive lent!


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