Monster Makes Shop Back in Business!

Hello! So, for those of you who didn't already know, the Monster Makes shop is back in business.

I'm hauling out all of my non-vegan stuff, made a long time ago in my pre-vegan days (2 years - WOW) at a very discounted price in order to get the shop 100% vegan, from yarn to glue.

Some of the non-vegan things you might like include this interchangeable neckwarmer and mini shawl.

The huge flower pin is knit from 100% mohair and can obviously be taken off and used on other items, not just the shawl. I don't know why this hasn't sold yet. It really is nice, even if I say so myself. The pictures don't do it justice I suppose.

There's also this tweed style long-strapped mini satchel adorned with some lush vintage buttons

For the vegans among you, my personal favourite is this completely adorable poo keychain

I really don't think I'll ever get over my love of crafting poops... Oh well. I could be in to worse things! So anyhoooo, take a look. Everything is cheap right now, even the vegan stuff, and it will remain so until all the non-vegan stuff is sold.

So go ahead, help a jobless vegan out and buy a nice little something :)


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