Skill + 1UP - 2KCBWDAY2

Today, I should be talking about how I've improved so much. How I have learnt new skills, pushed myself and finished amazing projects but alas, it is not the case.

I'm out of work at the moment and prior to this I was volunteering and traveling in India. I have time on my hands but for some reason I just can't find the motivation.

The most challenging thing I started when I was traveling was crocheted hexagons but, having had a problem with the pattern I've been using for a while, I finally realised last week that I'd written it down wrong and had put the ch2 in the wrong place, meaning the corners weren't really corners. They're more circular than anything.

Still nice though huh?

I'm also struggling to find the inspiration for a head for this guy

I've had some ideas for his head but when I've tried to put them into practice they haven't come out as hoped. I guess that's the problem with organic craft rather than following patterns, sometimes inspiration and ability runs dry and you have to start following patterns to learn more.

I'm not going to make any empty promises for the future. I know that I'm so busy with other projects I might never live up to my fancy aspirations as a knitter or crocheter but what I do make is made with love and is of quality, which I guess is all anyone can really ask for.


agirlinwinter said...

I wouldn't under-rate your skills. I can't crochet hexagons and I'd dearly love to make some like yours. Also, being able to make things without a pattern is a skill that not every crafter is prepared to try.

Kelly Monster said...

Aw, thanks. I guess sometimes I don't give myself enough credit but it's easy to look at skilled crafters such as yourself with envy :)

CrochetBlogger said...

I think the hexagons look great even if they aren't quite hexagons!

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