Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches - 2KCBWDAY3

It's day 3 (2KCBWDAY3) and today we're talking about how we organise our stash and stuff! I've been living in this house for 6 weeks and right now I must admit I have no organisation for my yarn stash or my projects. Most of my stuff is in boxes or bags and, being jobless, it means that buying nice storage solutions is not really an option right now. I'm also, by nature, quite an untidy person. It is how it is...

Some picture proof...

Presently, a large amount of my stash is in a big plastic bag which lives in a cubby hole in my bedroom. I got the bag from my laundry lady in India. It's been very helpful, although it actually looks like some kind of death trap with those needles sticking out of it. I need to get my needle holding vintage footstool from my old place.

 Some of it is in a bag on the stairs right now.

My rather round looking hexagons are living on the bottom tier of my coffee table.

And the headless dude is living in a sealable plastic bag that was once used for cotton wool (also from India).

I dream of having a lovely wicker basket tucked into the corner of one of my rooms, filled with my neatly balled yarns. Le sigh.

In my old place I had a divan bed and it was ace. I kept all my yarn in one draw and in the one next to it, I kept all my fabrics. It was the most organised my yarns had ever been and I really hope once I'm a bit more settled that I can reach the same level of organisation again.

See you tomorrow, when I'll be reminiscing about an old project that's long gone.


agirlinwinter said...

I'm fascinated by the headless dude, he looks like evidence from a crime scene in that plastic bag!

VeganCraftastic said...

I love that you have a headless dude in a bag, I think I probably have something like that around too!

Kelly Monster said...

The headless dude is becoming famous. Imagine his fame once he gets a head!

It is a bit like crime scene evidence... my untidy crimes against crafting perhaps. I really need some organisation in my stash. I've been inspired by so many blogs today, hopefully tomorrow I can get my arse out of the house to town - if so I'll spend money on some nice yarn boxes and cheer myself up!

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