Volunteering Entries Moved to New Blog!

I've moved all my posts from my time in India to Monster Volunteers, so though it looks like I have been a lazy blogger over here, I haven't. Click on the link to find out what happened between October and February (if you didn't know already) and prepare yourself. It gets ugly.

I felt, given everything that happened and my extremely strong views against the so called rescue charity International Animal Rescue, it was best to clean things up here and keep the blogs separate. There are still things I feel I need to clarify, especially the chain of events. When that happens, it will happen there, not here.

In other news, lots of things are moving forward in my life. I have a new project I'm working on which may become not only my main focus for blogging, but for my life! I'm moving away from dreary old office work into something far more delicious...


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